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“God commanded man with the task to appropriately manage and preserve His creation”
Galago Environmental CC was established in 2006 and features a multidisciplinary specialist team that provides a “one-stop-shop” for Environmental, Biodiversity and Aquatic planning. The Galago Environmental team is committed to both the conservation and sustainable utilization of South African biodiversity, as well as to economic and sustainable development. The Galago Environmental Team is proud to adhere to a high standard of scientific observational and reporting accuracy. We encourage creative solutions to reconcile a sensible balance between socio-economic development and environmental goals

Galago Environmental CC competencies include,


but are not limited to:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments & Environmental Planning (EIA & EMP)
  • Environmental sensitivity mapping
  • Public Participation
  • Environmental Control Officers (ECO)
  • Water use license applications (WULA)
  • Biodiversity specialist studies
  • Aquatic (Wetland & Riparian) studies
  • Cultural Historic

Galago Environmental Specialist Accreditation:

  • SACNASP (South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions)
  • SASS 5 accreditation
  • Galago Environmental has level 4 BEE accreditation




Working Knowledge of:

Legislative and regulatory requirements

  • National Environmental Management Act (NEMA)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment  

(EIA) regulations

  • Biodiversity (NEM:BA)
  • Air Quality (NEM:AQA)
  • Waste (NEM:WA)
  • National Water Act (NWA)
  • National Forests Act, 1998
  • GDARD Ridges Policy

GDARD minimum requirements for Biodiversity Assessment & Rehabilitation Planning, 2012

Galago Client Portfolio includes, but not limited to:

  • Residential developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Agriculture sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Mining Sector and Cemeteries