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Biodiversity Specialist Services


Biodiversity Personnel

  • Fauna surveys
    • Mammals
    • Birds (Avifauna)
    • Reptiles
    • Amphibians
    • Invertebrates
  • Vegetation surveys
    • Plant communities
    • Medicinal plants
    • Exotic weeds
  • GIS Sensitivity Mapping
  • Ecological Management Plans (EcoMP)
  • Rehabilitation plans
  • Status quo reports
  • Environmental Management Frameworks (EMF)
  • Protected Tree Permit applications
  • Threatened – or Protected Species (TOPS) Permits
  • Ridge Assessments
  • Flora Permits for removal of indigenous plants
Petro Lemmer: Botanist
PetroPetro CVPetronella (Petro) Lemmer B.Sc., Cert.Sci.Nat.
Petro’s well-read background is the consequence of an interesting and varied career as biologist. Her first research position was in the Entomology Division of the S.A. Buro of Standards.  After three and a half years she transferred internally to the Pesticides Division, Dept Biological Sciences.  In 1979 and 1980 she was biology teacher at the Loreto Convent that was followed by a two-year stint as Technical Assistant in the CSIR’s Institute of Water Research, Limnology Division.  From 1982 to 1996 she returned to the SABS to serve as Chief Standards Officer in the SABS’s Pesticides Division.  Since her retirement in 1997 she is a consultant botanist and specialist tour-guide during the Namaqualand flowering season.  Petro loves few things better than to study plant diversity with like-minded friends.  She is the author of several scientific and popular articles dealing with plants (especially ferns) and in her former official capacity was responsible for the compilation of SABS specifications, tests methods and Codes of Practice in the field of biology.  From 1994-1997 she lectured botany on a temporary part-time basis at the University of Pretoria. Since 2003 she has compiled hundreds of botanical reports for EIA’s for projects all over the Country, but loves working in the diversity rich grassland biome.  

Veldie van Greuning: Botanist
VeldieVeldie CVJohannes (Veldie) van Greuning D.Sc., T.H.E.D., Prof.Nat.Sci.
“The man who talks to the trees.” It is easy to take this kind of banter seriously considering the fact that Veldie uses a tape recorder to record his extensive veld observations. Like some of the other team members Veldie started his career as biology teacher, but early on he transferred to the Botany Department at the University of Pretoria until formal retirement in 2004. He taught several disciplines of botany and supervised the normal quota of post-graduate students. Veldie’s research focused on taxonomy and floral diversity, topics that formed the themes for research reports in peer-reviewed subject journals, popular articles, public appearances, and latterly specialist EIA reports since he commenced a post-retirement pursuit as diversity consultant in 2005. Veldie’s outgoing personality and sense of humour make him a popular lecturer, and to this day he still holds a position as extra-ordinary part-time lecturer where he offers speciality courses in his former Department. Veldie is a competent photographer with a penchant to do macro photography of plants, and loves to tinker with vehicle engines.
Rihann Geyser: Avifaunal specialist
RihannRihannRihann Frans Geyser
Rihann is an Administrative Officer at the National Department of Agriculture since 1991. He is studying part-time for the National Diploma in Nature Conservation. Since childhood Rihann has spent all his spare time as birder, and has observed and studied about 750 of the approximately 900 species of Southern African birds. He is an energetic field worker. In addition to being able to identify birds by appearance, he also records bird species from their distinctive calls, their habitat and the way they move and fly. He is well known and active in the formal birding community. Rihann has compiled hundreds of specialist EIA reports, all of which are vetted (and appreciated) by an ornithologist registered as Professional Natural Scientist by the S.A. Council for Natural Scientific Professions.
Jaco van Wyk: Herpetologist
JacoJaco CVJacobus Casparus Petrus (Jaco) Van Wyk, H.E.D., M.Sc., Prof. Nat. Sci.
Although Jaco’s speciality is reptiles and amphibians, his interests span every facet of the environment. He started his career in 1993 as a research associate at the Mammal Research Institute (UP) when he pursued a range of projects on the Prince Edwards Islands. Today he is an Environmental Education and Life Sciences teacher and holds a position as Co-Department Head at one of the top tertiary schools in Pretoria. Jaco is the author and co-author of numerous scientific and popular articles as well as EIA reports. The most outstanding feature of his make-up as naturalist is that he amassed a formidable private library dealing predominantly with biology and has read every one of those books. As a result he can converse on a wide range of topics. Jaco spends his spare time in the veld as far afield as Kilimanjaro, either by himself or with his learners. It is literally true that he leaves no stone unturned in search for reptiles and other creatures.
Naas Rautenbach: Mammologist
JacoNaas CVIgnatius Lourens (Naas) Rautenbach T.H.E.D, Ph.D., FPSSA, Prof.Nat.Sci.
Although Naas’s undergraduate studies were geared to a teaching career, he turned to research when he accepted a position as field biologist working on the Smithsonian Institute’s African Mammal Project. The experience thus gained later helped to get a permanent appointment as Curator of Mammals at the Transvaal Museum. His career at the Transvaal Museum spanned 33 years as Curator and later as Director. Subsequently he consulted for ten years as specialist mammalogist. During the collective 43 years as mammalogist he gained an intimate knowledge of Southern African mammals, which is manifested in numerous scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, author and contributions to books, popular articles, public appearances, and hundreds of reports in the Environmental Impact Assessment milieu. Naas is also an accredited photographer, gardener and enthusiastic cook.
Madeleen Van Schalkwyk: Nature Conservation
JacoMadeleen CVMadeleen has obtained a conservation diploma at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), and specialised in Environmental education, making her a valuable member of the Galago Environmental Team. She was a part time lecturer at the TUT In the field of Ecotourism (Biology and Interpretation). She also has extensive experience in Environmental Guiding, Eco - tourism and resource management. She conducts environmental training and provides a holistic background on biodiversity that enhances all the specialist fields of the team. She presently specialise in the compilation of environmental sensitivity maps in a GIS format needed for the biodiversity assessments undertaken by the specialists. This has enabled her to provide the final link between all the EIA specialist and biodiversity studies to show that environmental constraints are taken into consideration when activities are applied for at the environmental authorities.

Game Farm Management and Conservation Planning

  • Management Plans (MP)
    • Ecological MP
    • Reserve MP
    • Invasive Alien Species MP
    • Fire MP
    • Reserve Infrastructure MP
    • Biodiversity species lists (Lodges, Reserves, Farms):
      • Birds
      • Mammals
      • Vegetation & Trees
      • Frogs & Reptiles
      • Fish and Aquatic ecosystem description
  • Full contract management service
  • Grass studies and Carrying Capacity assessment
  • Assistance with permit applications


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