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Aquatic Specialist Services


Aquatic Personnel

  • Wetland Studies & Services
    • Delineation Studies
    • Present Ecological State (PES) determination
    • Rehabilitation & Monitoring Reports
  • Riverine Studies
    • Riparian Delineation Studies
    • Rehabilitation Reports
    • South African Scoring System (SASS 5) Accredited
    • Freshwater Fish Occurrence Assessments
  • Wetland & Riverine Services
    • Water Quality Assessments
    • Wetland Environmental Control Officer (WECO)
  • Implementation of:
    • Rehabilitation Plans
    • Environmental Management Plans
    • Water Use License conditions
  • Water Use Authorization Applications:
    • Water Use License Applications (WULA)
    • General Authorizations (GA) for Water Use
    • Existing Water Use Rights Verification & Registration
  • WULA Reports & Services
    • Water Quantity Requirement Recommendations
    • Geo-hydrological & Borehole Abstraction Assessments
    • Water Quality Management Reports (WQRM)
    • Integrated Water & Waste Management Plan
  • Utilities (Water & Electricity) optimization & Automation


Bertus Fourie: Aquatic Specialist
VanessaBertus CVBertus Fourie is a consultant specialising in terrestrial and aquatic ecology. His primary work is in the delineation of wetlands and riparian areas and more recently his portfolio of work has been expanded to include the ecological assessment of ridges. He has completed various Aquatic Rehabilitation Plans, Ecological Management Plans and Monitoring Plans. Except for ecological work he has also assisted with Environmental Impact Assessments and Basic Assessments as well as a Hazardous Waste license application under the guidance of an Environmental Assessment Practitioner.

He has completed a variety of environmentally based courses including: Environmental Law for Environmental Managers and a Wetland Delineation Course. He is currently completing his M.Sc. in Aquatic Health at the University of Johannesburg and is registered at SACNASP.

Marli Burger: WULA specialist
MargaretMargaret CVMarli is a Water Use Consultant specialising in Water Use License Applications (WULAs) and related requirements of the National Water Act, 1998 (Act No. 36 of 1998). Her education and experience with Environmental Legislation includes BTECH Nature Conservation at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Environmental Management Inspector course at University of Pretoria, employment at Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) and private sector employment as water use consultant. She was a part-time lecturer at the Nature Conservation Department of TUT as well as full-time lecturer at Centurion Academy’s Nature Management Department. Marli has established a good working relationship with and sound knowledge of the internal dynamics as well as the WULA assessment process of the Department of Water Affairs
Madeleen van Schalkwyk: SASS5 specialist
MadeleenMartha CVMadeleen has obtained a conservation diploma at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), and specialised in Environmental education, making her a valuable member of the Galago Environmental Team. She was a part time lecturer at the TUT In the field of Ecotourism (Biology and Interpretation). She also has extensive experience in Environmental Guiding, Eco - tourism and resource management. She conducts environmental training and provides a holistic background on biodiversity that enhances all the specialist fields of the team. She presently specialise in the compilation of environmental sensitivity maps in a GIS format needed for the biodiversity assessments undertaken by the specialists. This has enabled her to provide the final link between all the EIA specialist and biodiversity studies to show that environmental constraints are taken into consideration when activities are applied for at the environmental authorities.

Aquatic & WULA Projects:
Linmed Hospital Wetland delineation & WULA, 2013
Erand Gardens Wetland delineation & WULA, 2013-current
Vulcania Cemetery Wetland delineation & WULA, 2014

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